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The Last Couple of Weeks in Bodycheck

on June 08, 2015

This week, Bodycheck (and Gridlock) will be on display at the awesome XpoNorth festival in Inverness this coming Wednesday (that's June 10th, calendar fans). Last year, when the event was still called GoNorth, Bodycheck was very well received, so hopefully the same will be true this year now that the game looks totally different and has slightly better AI.

If you're in the Inverness area, I think it's still free to sign up, so do that and then you can come and play. There are even stickers and badges available.

Here's what's new (and fixed) in Bodycheck since the last update:

  • One touch sprinting (no need to hold the button for it to take effect)
  • Hot Potato only affects opposition teams
  • Shrink is now a radius effect spell
  • Shrunken players shown in action replay
  • Add option for manual player selection
  • Stop crashing when you use manual player selection
  • Put AdHoc networked mode back into the engine (important!)
  • Autoselect system language (English used by default)
  • Prevent magic when non-upright
  • Tweak block timing
  • Check magic channeler not laid out
  • Kill superheat effect on goal
  • Two badges for online multiplayer
  • Fix end of match camera craziness
  • Disable leaderboard access when not online
  • New camera positions for replays
  • Disallow player toggling when auto player selection is used
  • Fancy hats on all players
  • Slightly better goalkeepers (TBC)
  • Seriously, stop crashing when you use manual player selection
  • Toggle nearest players in manual mode
  • Intercept a bit further into the future
  • More goalkeeper tweaks
  • Fix annoying flame thing
  • Smooth out networked action replays
  • Reset badge material on hostee leaving lobby
  • Add website link to LiveArea
  • Ensure ball-holding AI player casts spells

On that note, I'm off to do some playtesting of multiplayer mode - four (4!) teams on the pitch at once is as manic as it sounds like it might be. Also fun.

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