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Gridlock and Desura

on June 07, 2015

As you may be aware, Gridlock made it through Steam's Greenlight system a few weeks ago, so a new and improved edition of the game will launch on Steam later in the year.

However, given Desura's current issues, I can't be sure that the Desura system for distributing those keys will still be in place when the game does launch. To guarantee a Steam key, you might want to email a copy of your sales receipt or bundle confirmation to us now and I'll send a key to you directly when the game goes live on Steam. Send your email to: support@ludometrics.com

In the meantime, the game is no longer available for sale on Desura - if you bought the game there you can still download it, though. You can buy directly via the Humble widget on the Gridlock game page for now.