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Let's Play Video Policy

tl;dr: Feel free to make Let's Play videos of our games and monetize them if you want to.

Last Revised: 16 July, 2014

Ludometrics Ltd. permits you to create free or ad-supported videos (including, but not limited to, Let's Plays, speed runs, reviews and commentary) using captured or recorded video from Ludometrics Ltd's games. No express written permission is required.

Additional written permission from Ludometrics Ltd is required for any use of Ludometrics's art, music and audio content outside of captured in-game footage (please e-mail hiya@ludometrics.com). Should you decide to post videos containing Ludometrics content, we request that you provide a functional link to our site or a product page for the version of the game used in the making of said content.

Please note we reserve the right to update this policy without notice or liability. If you have further questions about this policy, please contact hiya@ludometrics.com.

Go crazy, and let us know if you're having any problems with your video host or other such thing.