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Secret Project: Phase 2 Complete

on October 18, 2012

So it's been almost three weeks since our last/first update, and you might be wondering exactly what's going on here at Ludometrics central.

We just finished what is being referred to by those in the know as "Phase 2" of the secret project (one whole day ahead of schedule, for those keeping track), and this tweet from yesterday pretty much describes the scenes this week:

Although we're all feeling reasonably smug with our high scores reaching into the millions (apart from me, who's losing, again), we know that as soon as this thing appears in the wild those scores will be ranked about 1,673rd in the world (and lower). Such is the nature of making games.

"And when will this hitherto unseen game appear in the wild?", I imagine I hear you asking aloud. I don't have a specific answer to that, but "soon" is probably the right ballpark. Before Christmas 2012, certainly. We think. Probably.