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This Way Down

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Tap and twist your way to a high score in This Way Down. Why twist? Turning your phone literally alters the direction of gravity (within the game, not in real life).

Sir Isaac Newton himself may have loved playing a game like this, but we'll (probably) never know for sure.

There are no diamonds, gems or sticks of candy in this game - just good old fashioned blocks of colour. Tap when you see a group of 3 or more blocks of the same colour to score points. Did we mention there's no time limit? The only time limit is how long you can keep the blocks from spilling out of the grid.


  • Bright colours.
  • Gravity changes depending on which way you hold your phone.
  • Sweet sounds (courtesy of our friends at Denki).
  • Compete against your friends on Game Center and Facebook.
  • You control gravity. Seriously, it's pretty cool.
  • Fast to play, fast to load.

NB Ludometrics takes no responsibility if you happen to drop the phone as you play this game. Play with care, preferably surrounded by soft furnishings.