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Finally, classic arcade-style play is here in Bips! Guide your Bip through the obstacles, collecting treasure for high scores.

You’ll need sharp reflexes to avoid the obstacles and maximise your score. You’ll want to keep a particular eye out for the Sliders and the evil Stalker, but the Bomber is your friend in this game. Overtake your friends on the leaderboard to earn extra tokens by winning tournaments. New tournaments begin every 3 days, and each one features a brand new arena to play in.

Designed in Scotland by the creators of games such as Lemmings, GTA and Quarrel, Bips! is a 21st century arcade classic.

"Even in beta Bips has a lot of depth (and addictiveness) but there’s more to come."Forbes

"An excellent, addictive, authentically arcade-style game that will happily drain players of their virtual quarters."Inside Social Games

"Easy gameplay you'll pick up right away. Later levels get more challenging but never unfairly so. Great visual style."Gamezebo