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Winter Update

on December 19, 2012

We recently promised an update on each of our games before the end of the year, and lo! here it appears. Let's take each in turn, shall we?

  • Matching Set: We've been working on adding some new achievements for all you avid matchers in the world, and this update should see the light of day in January 2013.
  • Pet Store Panic: This game has been suffering from what might be colloquially referred to as "technical teething troubles". It looks like these are all close to being resolved, so look for this finally being released early next year via the fine people at Big Fish Games.
  • Quizball: Since this game was a tie-in with Euro 2012, we're not doing anything with it at the moment.
  • REDACTED: Can we talk about this yet? Maybe, soon, perhaps. Maybe that's why we've been so quiet.

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