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Nothing To Hide

on April 29, 2015

A few weeks back, I went to see Dara Ó Briain at the appropriately nicknamed Armadillo. I don't remember him having a segment about games in the show, but afterwards, I remembered this segment he did a few years ago about unlocking things in games:

TL;DR: I unlocked the content when I bought your game with my credit card.

Early on, the decision was made to basically do exactly this with Bodycheck: everything is unlocked from the start. You can play any team, any tournament or league, or any scenario, or any multiplayer mode, without worrying about beating a challenge or doing a certain task where you know precisely what to do but for some reason your brain simply will not co-ordinate with your hands to let you do it.

I suppose it's kind of an experiment: maybe players will hate it, but that hasn't been the case in playtesting so far. Nobody's complained when told that's how it works. We shall see.

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