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Dsmvwld vlbl nw

on April 24, 2014

Our latest iPhone game, Dsmvwld, is out today for a small fee of £0.99. Here's the description:

Dsmvwld s wrd gm bt pttng ths psky vwls bck whr thy blng - btwn th cnsnnts.

The game is all about putting the vowels back in the right place in the right order. Placement is handled by the game, you just have to tap the vowel buttons in the right order to solve the puzzle. As an example, the above description would resolve to:

Dsmvwld is a word game about putting those pesky vowels back where they belong - between the consonants.

The presentation is kept deliberately minimal, and we've found it creates a nice kind of zen state when played. There are a few hundred puzzles in there to start you off.

In the future, we're going to keep adding more puzzles, obviously, and proper iPad support is forthcoming as well.

As ever, reviews on the App Store are welcome, although if you come across any bugs it's best to let us know directly!

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